How to stay focused: part 2

✨ This is a game changer! ✨ Struggling to stay focused? You’re not alone. I just spoke with a brain researcher about the negative impact social media has on our focus – but I don’t want to ditch social media (because it’s not ALL bad) so instead – let’s look at solutions!  In this post, […]

How to stay focused: part 1

✨ You know that feeling when you’re on your yoga mat and you just can’t seem to focus? ✨ Today I spent my whole practice mentally writing emails and going through to-do lists. I was totally in my head – not in my body! It’s frustrating when the mind wanders and for a moment I […]

Free Yoga Nidra Script: Autumn Rest

✨ Free Script: AUTUMN REST ✨ In English and Swedish Hi there! I absolutely love Yoga Nidra and my intention with sharing free Yoga Nidra scripts is to support and inspire other teachers. Here’s another free script, this time focusing on autumn.  I’ll add more seasons over time and I’ll share a link in my […]

Courage is an action, not just a feeling

✨ Courage is an action ✨ How yoga can help us cultivate courage  Have you ever felt fear is holding you back from following your dream? Or even doing things in your everyday life that takes you closer to what’s important to you? Such as speaking in front of other people, asking for help, applying […]

Navigate transitions – from discomfort to growth

✨ How to navigate transitions✨ Transitions are often messy! Uncertainty is uncomfortable. Embracing change is often easier said than done. What has helped me a lot (and soothed my over analysing mind) is to remember that:   Every transition holds a hidden gift – a chance to redefine yourself and grow. Transitions are bridges, between […]