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“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the last three days. I can honestly say it’s the best training that I’ve been on. It was exactly what I needed and so much more than I’d hoped for on so many levels. It will take a while to process everything but I think I will be one of those moments that, when you look back, that you realise was a huge shift.”
– Alex, UK

– More than 1700 students have attended our Yoga Nidra teacher trainings so far: either online or in person (and for the online courses: several cats & dogs as well) 🙂 It’s such a lovely community and we’re here to guide you & support AFTER the course as well.


– Experienced and non-dogmatic teachers: Melanie Cooper & Jennie Wadsten have over 45 years of teaching experience between them. They balance their experience with a passion for keeping up to date with new research in neuroscience, psychology and movement science, and how it all affects our yoga practice and overall wellbeing. 

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Main teachers

Jennie Wadsten (Sweden/India)
Melanie Cooper (UK)
Josefin Wikström (Sweden)
Johanna Alvin (Sweden)

I have already done a Yoga Nidra course. Can I join? 

Yes! There’s a LOT to learn about Yoga Nidra and we fully believe that we learn in layers – and repeating a course will deepen your knowledge and experience further.

There are lots of wonderful yoga nidra courses and we always encourage our students to broaden their perspectives and explore various styles and schools. If you already have a Yoga Nidra certificate from another school: that’s wonderful. We hope and believe that this course can give you some new inspiration and fresh ideas. The course gives you continuing education hours (Yoga Alliance). 



If you’ve done a course with us (organised by Yoga Treat or YogaLeela), you’re very welcome to repeat it for just an admin fee (online) or for a reduced price (in studio). 

Can I attend the Yoga Nidra course even if I’m not a yoga teacher?

Yes! You can attend the course and learn about the nurturing and healing benefits of Yoga Nidra just for yourself! You won’t have to do any homework or teaching practices. This means you won’t get a certificate – but if you change your mind and DO want a certificate, you are very welcome to come back and repeat these sections later for just an admin fee. 


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CONTACT US you have more questions and we’re happy to help.