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Teacher trainings in English
Jennie Wadsten Sharma & Melanie Cooper
Upon completion of this course you'll receive a certificate. (Yoga Alliance)

Yoga Nidra Courses Online

Yoga Nidra Level 1

13 - 15 SEPT 2024

Yoga Nidra Level 1 (with Melanie only)

17 - 19 JAN 2025

Yoga Nidra Courses in London and Derby, UK

Yoga Nidra Level 1 (with Melanie only)

12 - 14 OCT

Yoga Nidra Level 1

22 - 24 NOV 2024

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“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the last three days. I can honestly say it’s one of the best trainings that I’ve been on. It was exactly what I needed and so much more than I’d hoped for on so many levels. It will take a while to process everything but I think I will be one of those moments that, when you look back, that you realise was a huge shift.”

– Alex, UK

You will receive

Who can join?

We recommend that you have done a 200 hour teacher training (any style) but this is not mandatory! If you haven’t: send us an email and let us know and we will look into what other experiences you have and we’ll give you extra support during the course. 
The intention is to give you, as a teacher, more tools, to broaden your teaching skills as well as your target groups. Perhaps you have done a training in a dynamic yoga style and would like to add a slow style to your teaching menu as well – to be able to teach back to back classes at studios and retreats?

We have a set structure in line with Yoga Alliance’s criteria, but on top of that we have a certain amount of hours that we can tailor for YOU – and as far as we know, this is quite unique: for you, as participants, to be able to take part in forming the course content!


We (Melanie and Jennie) have worked together for almost 10 years and have 45 years of teaching experience between us from teaching yoga and teacher trainings full time. We have experienced a lot over the years – and what we keep coming back to is how important it is to be authentic, to find “your voice” as a teacher and to have the courage to be YOURSELF when you are teaching! Working as a yoga teacher is amazing – but it also takes a lot of energy – and can be very draining if you are not looking after yourself. (And it’s so easy to not give ourselves that time/attention/self care – so in the training we will also put emphasis on how to create space for your own health and practice: to stay balanced and mentally strong!



We will cover

Course material

Course Manual
You will receive your Yoga Nidra Notes training manual by PDF (118 pages) one day before the course starts, via email.


Hard Copy Manual

If you also want a printed copy of the manual, this is available at cost price including postage within the UK and Europe (please add £10 postage for rest of the world)  Click here for more information
Note! Please don’t share the manual with anyone. It is subject to copyright law. 



We use the term Homework loosely here, there is a requirement of 10 hours of learning outside of the course, some will be written but mostly to establish a Yoga Nidra practice (students have said that this is their favourite ever homework!)


No exams

No written tests or “performance” required, rather, we are interested in seeing that you have gained an understanding and knowledge that you can apply to each individual student depending on their needs.  This course is intended to spark your interest in embarking on or continuing this fascinating journey. 

Practical information


The course won’t be recorded 

We pride ourselves in delivering a live, interactive course where students can ask questions, get involved and provide feedback, thoughts and input to the course as it happens.  There are many pre-recorded options available, but we think that it makes a better learning experience to really get involved and to keep that group atmosphere, so we don’t record our sessions. 

We also want to respect the privacy of our students and friends: this is a safe learning space where growth and personal development can take place. We know from experience that it’s quite common that people get a bit nervous or uncomfortable when sessions are being recorded and therefore won’t participate in group discussions etc – and we want everyone to feel safe, to be able to express themselves, without being recorded. 

Then there’s also GDPR: it’s against data protection regulations to record and share events without the permission of ALL participants.

You’ll get a completely comprehensive Yoga Nidra manual – so if you miss a session or want to repeat something after the course – no worries! Everything is in the manual!
You’re also very welcome to repeat the whole online course with another group whenever you like, for just an admin fee: £50 in total! 

There’s also the option to buy pre recorded content if you want to review any of the sessions in your own time. 
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