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Repeat the Yoga Nidra Course online for just an admin fee!

Online courses organised by Yoga Treat or Yoga Leela


Dear Yoga Nidra teachers,

If you’ve done the course and want to repeat it – you’ve very welcome to join the online course almost free of charge! This is a little gift from us to you!
Three days of self care, to recharge,  boost creativity and connect with other wonderful Yoga Nidra teachers. Over 1700 students have attended the Yoga Nidra course over the years – and the community is so supportive and amazing! 

We’ve had many Yoga Nidra teachers repeat the course over the years and what we’ve found is that many of us learn in “layers”, so repeating the course will deepen your knowledge and make you even more confident in guiding Yoga Nidra. If you’re feeling a bit stuck or exhausted or stressed, or lack motivation to teach or practice, repeating the course will give you inspiration and support. 


As a repeating student, you’re a VIP, meaning: 

– No homework (unless you want to – but please note that these hours won’t be included in the further studies certificate)
– No teaching practices (unless you want to) 
– You can skip sessions and only attend your favourite ones! 



After the course you’ll get a certificate in “Further studies in Yoga Nidra”, based on how many hours you chose to attend. (RYS-300 and YACEP).


We look forward to seeing you again.



Much love, 
Jennie, Melanie, Josefin & Johanna 

Price online

Courses in English: only £50!
Courses in Swedish: only 650 SEK!

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Courses arranged by YogaTreat or YogaLeela: 

The offer is not valid for course organised by The Shala or any other yoga studios. 

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To sign up, please click below. When you fill in the application form, please make a comment that you have done the course before – so that we don’t miss it. 🙂 

Courses in Swedish

Courses in English

Would you like to repeat an in studio course?

Please note that the £50/650 SEK offer is only valid for ONLINE courses. 
However, you are very welcome to repeat in studio courses too, for a very discounted rate. Please contact us for more information. 

Did you know...

…that Yoga Nidra graduates get a £100 discount on the YIN YOGA COURSE? 
(Early bird discount £50 + VIP discount £50)
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