About the Yoga

The emphasis in the yoga classes that we offer is self empowerment and healthy movement patterns.

The aim is to balance the nervous system and to strengthen both the body and the mind, for a healthier and happier life.

Yoga gives us fantastic tools to handle challenges; it opens our eyes to everyday magic (the smell of cinnamon rolls, the sun in our face on the way to work, the beauty of a raindrop….) which we often simply don’t see when we rush through life. Yoga helps us to cultivate mindfulness and presence and gives us a better focus, making us more efficient.
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“The more I teach the more I understand that I am just a guide, here to serve, to facilitate and hold space for all who are ready to awaken, unfold and expand out into the world with grace and compassion.” – Julie Martin

Jennie is mainly focusing on the following yoga styles/techniques
– Yoga Nidra
– Virya yoga
– Vinyasa flow
– Slow flow
– Ashtanga vinyasa yoga
– Yin yoga
– Restorative yoga
– Mindfulness
– Pranayama & meditation