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Do you want your employees to come to work in good health?

Yes! – Yoga is indeed ancient and has a lot of wisdom in it that we can use in our modern lives. But is our life today really very different to what ancient yogis experienced? Of course! How often did THEY spend several hours per day at a computer? That is why the combination of this beautiful wisdom and modern science is so life enhancing. It can create a yoga that is perfect for our modern lifestyle and surprisingly strengthening for body and mind.

Yoga and mindfulness is a method that has become highly valued in the corporate world; it gives employees a wide range of tools for handling stress; which in turn reduces absenteeism due to sickness, and greatly increases efficiency.

This is well proven by research, i.e. from KI, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. In the studies at KI, it is fascinating to read that even small amounts of yoga counteract AND treat some of the biggest health issues in modern life, including depression, workday stress and burn out. Added to that it also helps develop a stronger, toned and healthier body – which makes it even more inviting!

You can choose between:
• Workshops or classes; single events or over a period of time
• Lectures on how to manage stress both at work and in everyday life through the practices of yoga and mindfulness
• Events (conferences etc)
• Privates: at the office or in your home if you prefer
• A customized solution for your employees

We live in a modern society with a very hectic lifestyle – finding time and energy to get into a good habit isn’t always easy – but the good news is, it really doesn’t take much time or energy to start with something SMALL – and with time this will reward you with a much healthier body and mind.

I can help you with pinpointing and deciding on what you need, and how to make yoga practice become part of your everyday routine in a smooth way. I can also recommend other specialists whom I work with: Andreas Larsson, psychologist, professor in ACT, Malin Flinck, naprapath, Chatrin Hamory, nutritionist, and Isabella dos Santos, body therapist amongst others.

For the past 10 years I have been living mainly in India, and up until 2015 I was the manager of Brahmani Yoga drop-in centre, which is the biggest drop in yoga studio in North Goa; founded by Julie Martin in 2003.

Nowadays I live in South Goa, focusing on deepening my studies in yoga and meditation.

I also do online work for The Nordic Yoga Institute (2005 – present)

Sweden is still dear to me and I visit each on a regular basis: teaching at YogaShakti, StudioKarma and at other locations in Scandinavia.

Contact me for further details, price guides, and available dates.