Yoga Nidra Manual

The Yoga Nidra Manual is Available in English & Swedish!

Jennie & Melanie are so passionate about Yoga Nidra and have spent many years crafting this complete manual, based on 45 years of joint knowledge and experience.

Contents include:

108 pages (Swedish), or 140 pages (English) and with up to date scientific data and resources and original illustrations.

– What is Yoga Nidra
– The History of Yoga Nidra 
– Benefits and contraindications
– Yoga Nidra and the Brain
– How to teach Yoga Nidra
– Yoga Nidra scripts 
– How to write your own scripts 
…and so much more!

All our manuals come beautifully wire bound with a thick card full colour front page, and clear front and back covers for extra protection.


To get your Yoga Nidra Manual:

1) Please email us at and let us know:
– Your name and address
– English or Swedish
– Colour or black & white 

2) We will send you an invoice 

Payment methods: bank transfer, card payments or PayPal. 

3) Once you have paid we will send you the manual.

Note: if you’ve signed up for an in person course, the hard copy is included in the price and you’ll get your manual when we meet. 


To make it accessible we’re selling it for cost price! 

£25 Black & White
£35 Full Colour

(No VAT)

Postage included within UK and Sweden. Please add £10 for the rest of Europe. 


Manuals in English are sent from the UK

Manuals in Swedish are sent from Sweden. 

If you want the manual as a hardcopy before a Yoga Nidra course, please contact us two weeks before the course starts at the latest. 


Please note: This manual is available exclusively to those who have done or have signed up for a Yoga Nidra course with us. 

Have you signed up for the Yoga Nidra Level 2 course? Here’s more information about how to order a hard copy of Level 2 manual: (available in English only)  YOGA NIDRA LEVEL 2 MANUAL


Please don’t share the manual with anyone. 
It is subject to copyright law.

All course material is the Intellectual Property of the teacher(s). Therefore intellectual content including illustrations, imagery and videos can not be reproduced. This includes re-writing or reproducing in your own words to use in a training workshop, teacher training or any other public event other then classes. We kindly ask that you contact us to discuss and gain permission if you are intending on using this training content for any public trainings so we can  if any collaboration is possible.