You can either attend all four days in one go, or choose to do it in two modules (2 + 2 days)

Choose what works best for you:

Module 1: 
Sat 29 – Sun 30 Oct 2022 
or Wed 19 – Thurs 20 April 2023

Module 2
Mon 31 Oct – Tues 1 November 2022 
or Sat 22 – Sun 23 April 2023

You’ll get the same high quality content as in our in person courses – but taught through Zoom. Although we won’t be there in person we will both be live and interactive and we also offer a meet up at a later date, so that we can get together in real life!

Click on the links below for more information. All our Yin Yoga courses are in English.


How will these sessions work?

We use Zoom.
The first thing we always do is to welcome everyone in a group, as we do on our trainings in a welcome ‘circle’. As in real life you can get to know each other a bit and get a sense of the group energy.

Then we have a series of talks on different aspects of Yin Yoga via powerpoint presentation screen share, working in line with your manual, which you will receive via email.

We also like to split students into smaller groups to discuss aspects of the course and look at different points of view, we can split the group into smaller “breakout” rooms so you will have the chance for someone to one chats. 

For your teaching practice you will be split into smaller groups with one teacher and two or three students. Melanie and Jennie will be able to “pop in” to your group to listen in and give feedback (if you request this). If you prefer to do the teaching practice in person, you can do it as a homework and record it and send it to us – or meet up with us in real life in the autumn. 

We understand it can be very hard work to listen and watch the screen for long periods so we will include plenty of breaks and a chance to get up and stretch and move (we need this too!)

I want to learn more about Yin Yoga – but I am not interested in becoming a teacher… 

You can attend the course and learn about the nurturing and healing benefits of Yin Yoga just for yourself! You’ll not have to do any homework and you can skip the teaching practices. 

You won’t get a certificate, but if you change your mind and DO want a certificate – you can complete these segments later. 

Can I ask questions?

We always welcome questions! These can be posed via the chat function in Zoom, where you can also chat to each other and share ideas. There is also a facility to “raise you hand” and ask a question verbally.

After each session we will collate the questions and circulate within the group.

Can I get any one to one time with you?

We offer all our students a 15 minute one to one session to talk about your practice, your teaching, any specific questions or challenges you’re working with. We can offer these very easily online.

What if I’m a total technophobe?

Nothing in the technical online stuff is hard to do. We have done test runs with people we know who have very little/no experience and they all managed it fine! We will send full instruction before the course and we can work it out together.

I’m not a huge fan of working online…

We understand some people are very used to working in this way and some people are very resistant to video meetings (Jennie was until very recently – now she’s a natural!) So, in a similar way to our in person trainings, there is no pressure on you to talk if you don’t want to, you don’t have to do the practice teaching if you don’t want to – we are here to support you and help you have a nurturing time – not to put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable. If you have any concerns about any of this, talk to us in advance and we can sort it out.

Recording sessions

We pride ourselves in delivering a live, interactive course where students can ask questions, get involved and provide feedback, thoughts and input to the course as it happens.  There are many pre-recorded options available, but we think that it makes for a better learning experience to really get involved and to keep that group atmosphere, so we don’t record our sessions. 

We also want to respect the privacy of our students and friends, this is a safe learning space where growth and personal development can take place and we want to keep that safe space open for everyone. 

Then there’s also GDPR: it’s against data protection regulations to record and share events without the permission of ALL participants.

What happens if I miss a session? 

We have courses happening throughout the year and we will invite you to join the same session with another group later on.

It’s all in the manual! 

Our course manual is a work of x years – it has been moulded and shaped into quite the in depth and detailed guide so if you do miss anything – it’s all in there and we would be happy to discuss anything you might have missed later on. 

My house is super noisy!

Some people have expressed concerns about noise/disturbance in the background. Most of the time when you’re listening you will be on mute – so no one can hear what’s happening in the background, and if a pet or child runs around a bit that’s very welcome! If you can’t get quiet to do your teaching practice it’s possible for us to re-schedule it at a time that suits you. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

Can we meet up in person?

We very much believe that in person work it very important so we will be offering a “real life” meet up in the autumn in Stockholm and London. This will be a chance to discuss any experiences, ask questions and get to know each other better. There will be time to teach Yin Yoga with feedback if requested. We will just charge a nominal amount to cover the cost of room hire.

We’ll also arrange workshops in yin yoga adjustments, open to the public, which you can attend to a reduced price. 

We sincerely hope you will meet us online this summer and in real life further down the line. 

Any questions let us know – as always we are here for you

With love

Melanie & Jennie

Jennie Wadsten Melanie Cooper Contact