Yoga Themes: Free Inspiration for Yoga Teachers

✨ Yoga teachers:✨

Here’s a gift to you: my most popular themes! 

Preparing yoga classes can be fun – but also takes a lot of time! Discover the game changing solution: yoga themes! 

I’ve taught yoga full time for 20+ years – and over the years I have fine tuned the art of using themes. Would you like to get my most popular themes? 
Starting next month, I’ll share a “brainstorming post” with one theme per month, to spark your creativity. It’s super important that the themes resonate with you and your students so I’ll share the inspiration in bullet points – and you pick and choose what works for you and create your own classes.

I’m always here if you want some help.


Why Theming?

Struggling with time-consuming yoga class preparation?
Theming is a game changer!
Using themes is not just about simplifying your workload; they’re about elevating your teaching, keeping you inspired and motivated to teach and making each class an enriching experience – for both you and your students

The Whys and Hows of Theming

– By using themes, you can re-use your favourite yoga sequences – and the students will get a new experience each time! This has saved me a crazy amount of time over the years: instead of having to make a whole new sequence each time I teach, I take an old sequence and just adjust it to match my theme.

The inspiration never ends! Explore physical themes (shoulders, backbends, foundation etc) as well as philosophical themes.

– It’s more than just selecting a topic; it’s about creating an experience which is not only about the physical practice. Themes infuse your classes with intention, creating an experience that seamlessly weaves through poses and breath. This elevates your teaching beyond mere sequences, offering a holistic journey that engages both the body and the mind.

Unveiling the Game Changer

Using themes is a strategy that totally redefines how you approach class preparation.
Have you ever felt worried about the students getting bored? “I have said this a million times before… I have nothing new to say…”
First and foremost: we as yoga teachers are not there to entertain the students – but that’s a whole other blog post. 🙂  Themes don’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to say MUCH to give the students some food for thought – and that can change their whole experience – and giving them something to reflect upon even after the class as well.

But what about spontaneity? Isn’t teaching about adapting to the energy of the class?

Absolutely. Theming is not about being rigid: it’s the opposite: it’s about having a canvas on which you can paint spontaneously. Themes offer a structure, allowing you to tailor the experience as the class unfolds – without getting lost.

Creating themes is also about tuning in to what resonates with your students: what is relevant in their lives on and off the mat? If you have given this a thought BEFORE you come to class and explored your theme from many angles and perspectives – it’s a lot easier to adjust your theme accordingly in class.

Some argue that themes might sound forced. It’s a valid concern – until you learn HOW to use themes. They challenge you to explore new angles, weave in philosophy – and gives you a beautiful chance to learn more, keeping the teaching fresh and interesting. As for sounding forced, remember that authenticity shines through: only choose themes that resonates with both you and your students.

Do I always have to use a theme?

Absolutely not! Sometimes you might want to focus on giving less guidance – giving the students more time for self reflection – but even “no theme” is also a theme! 🙂
Even “silence” is a beautiful theme – and a way to present that at the beginning of class is to give the students something empowering to reflect upon – and gently remind them a few times throughout class.

Another thing to take into consideration is not to talk TOO MUCH. Give the students some time to absorb what you said – and to interpret it in their own way. (In our theming course we talk more about how much and when to talk)

Ready to elevate your classes? I’d love to help you! 

Themes hold the key to unlocking a world of creativity, connection, and student engagement. Imagine as they step onto their mats, perhaps feeling a lack of motivation… and seeing how your theme sparks their interest… making them excited to come back to your classes week after week!

Dive into theming and watch as your classes transform into more than just physical practices – they become immersive, enriching journeys that leave a lasting imprint on your students’ lives.

In our one day Theming Course (online with The Shala London) we go over this in depth. You’ll get a ready made structure and lots of inspiration and time to create themes for amazing classes! (The course is just £65!) 


Coming up first week of October: 
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