Hi there! 

Here is a Yoga Nidra script that you can use in your classes. ♡

Feel free to rewrite the text so it sounds more like “you” – and then it will flow better when you guide the Nidra.

Please note that it’s best to have taken a training in Yoga Nidra before you start teaching it. Yoga Nidra can sometimes be quite intense – which is not dangerous at all but it’s good to know how to make your classes as non-triggering as possible. In our courses we weave in techniques from trauma-informed yoga.

Summary: Create an allowing, no-performance and caring atmosphere, where participants feel welcome just the way they are. Give them permission to lie down as they please, let them move during class if they need to and emphasize that there is no failure in Yoga Nidra (not even if you fall asleep!) etc.

If you’ve done a course with us – please check the “What to say beforehand” section in the Yoga Nidra manual for suggestions. 

I hope you like the script and get to use it. It works any time of the day. If you want to use it as a Yoga Nidra for sleep: change the last bit (“The Return”) and feel free to add a little more space for silence throughout the Nidra so that the participants can float away a little more. 


Email me if you want help reformulating something in your script.

If you want more inspiration, me and my colleagues Melanie Cooper, Johanna Alvin and Josefin Wikström have recordings on Yogobe, Insight Timer and SoundCloud, both in Swedish and English. (Link below.)


If you want the script as a PDF instead (easier to print), just let me know and I’ll send it to you. 


Much Love 

Jennie Wadsten

Jennie Wadsten 

(Approx. 25 min)



Make sure you’re comfortable.
…and then fine-tune your comfort even more!
During the Nidra you can move if you want to – but if you do need to move try to do it slowly and gently.

I’ll guide you through the practice, but you don’t have to listen to everything I say: it’s perfectly fine if you drift off sometimes – so that my voice just becomes a safe sound in the background.

Towards the end of this Nidra, the invitation is to visualise or feel an imaginary place in nature, in summertime. I’ll guide you through a walk in nature – but if any other images or sensations come up feel free to ignore my suggestions and have your own experience.

So, now bring your awareness to your breath.

If you like: Inhale through the nose and allow the belly to expand – and exhale through the mouth with a sigh and relax the WHOLE body

Again – inhale through the nose – create space…
…and exhale – and soften.

Two more times at your own pace.


…and we begin the body scan. When I mention a body part – bring your awareness there, and if you like, imagine filling each part of the body with a golden, warm, nurturing light.

Starting with the top of the head.

The forehead, the right eye – the left eye – both eyes together.

The nose, the mouth, the right cheek – the left cheek – both cheeks together.

The right ear – the left ear – both ears together. The back of the head, the neck, the throat.

And now focusing on the right side of the body.A golden light gently touching the right shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and hand.The whole right arm.

The right armpit, and the outside of the ribs and the waist.
And the space BETWEEN the outside of the upper body – and the arm.

The right side of the chest.
The right side of the belly.

The right hip, thigh, lower leg, and foot.
The whole right leg.

The right side of the pelvis, lower back, upper back…

The whole right side of the body.

And notice is there a difference between the sensations in the right and the left side of the body?  

Now bring your awareness to the left side of the body.

A golden light gently touching the left shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and hand.
The whole left arm.

The left armpit, the outside of the ribs and waist.
And the space BETWEEN the side of the body and the arm.

The left side of chest. The heart. The left side of the belly.

The left hip, thigh, lower leg, and foot.
The whole left leg.

The left side of the pelvis, lower back and upper back…

The whole left side of the body.

The whole body
The whole body
The whole body… glowing…


Now let your awareness rest at the soles of the feet for a moment… and just observe how it feels.

If there’s no sensation at all – that’s also an observation…

If you want, when you breathe in – imagine drawing energy up through the soles of the feet, along your legs, hips, upper body all the way to your shoulders.
And as you exhale, energy moves in the opposite direction: from the shoulders all the way down and out through the soles of your feet.

Inhale – from the soles of your feet to your shoulders.
And exhale – from the shoulders to the soles of the feet.

At your own pace…

Like a soft wave … that gives you energy – and that washes anything you don’t need away.  

And letting go of awareness of the breath.


…and now, explore if any part of the body feels a little warmer than the rest.
Short pause

…if you can’t find anything special – you can choose to focus on the heart, for example – and imagine a nurturing warmth in there.

…and now feel if any part of the body feels a little cooler than the rest.
Short pause

…if you can’t find anything special – then you can choose to focus on the sensation between your upper lip and nose. Perhaps the air is slightly cooler as you inhale?

Now bring your attention back to where it feels warm.

…and then, back to where it feels cool.

…And then, back to where it feels warm – and imagine that the warmth is expanding in the body – and when the warmth reaches the area that feels cooler – then these two merge – the warmth meets the cool – perfect temperature – balance…

… and let go…


The invitation is to see or feel that you visit an imaginary place in nature: a place where you feel calm and grounded.

So… imagine walking in a beautiful meadow in summertime. What flowers do you see?
What colours are they? And how do they smell?  

You decide to explore this magical place, and you can choose to continue walking along the meadow – or take a shortcut through a small forest.
If you choose the forest: what do the trees look like?

Shafts of sunlight shining through the top of the trees… and it feels so peaceful in there… and you hear birdsong … and you hear the sound of rippling water – and you start to walk in that direction. What does the path look like? How does it feel underneath your feet? Maybe soft moss – maybe something else?

You reach the water. Maybe it’s a brook – or a lake – or a small waterfall – or the ocean?

You sit down and enjoy the tranquility and you feel a soft and comfortable breeze against your skin.

Here you can sit for a while if you want, or maybe you choose to dive into the water and swim for a while – and the water feels soft like silk and the temperature is perfect.

…and now visualize sitting next to the water again. Feeling refreshed… feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin… 

…and you get up and continue walking…

– and after a while you reach a secret garden.

There’s a small gate, almost hidden by bushes and trees – and it creaks as you open it – and you step in.

It’s so peaceful in there.

Among the weeds there are also beautiful flowers – and berries and fruits. What do you see?

…and you see a swing and a bench…
– and you choose one of them and you sit down… feeling so relaxed… and free.

Feeling the soft breeze against your skin again.
Long pause

It’s time to leave this place in nature – but you can come back here anytime.


Remember to pause after each suggestion

…and initiating our slow and gentle return…

Listening to the sounds around you.

Feeling your body.

Feeling your breath…

Gently begin to move your hands and feet.

Maybe you want to stretch your arms over your head and yawn.

Do what feels good.

Draw your knees up to your chest. Rock from side to side.
Roll over onto your side.

And in your own time, come up to sitting.

The practice of Yoga Nidra is now completed.