Exhaustion and Gratitude

✨ What’s your reaction when you feel exhausted? ✨

If you’ve ever been through a burnout or depression, feeling exhausted can be triggering: the fear of falling down into that dark space again. But remember – you’re not the same person nowadays. Going through that terrible experience made you stronger – and more resilient.
Sometimes life slows us down to give us a chance to reflect. Don’t beat yourself up for it. And ironically, stepping back and rest can be one of the most productive things ever, and it gives us clarity and reminds us to appreciate the small things in life.
The last few months have been an emotional rollercoaster for me and I’m amazed that I still feel calm and safe. But – I’m so tired. Yesterday I felt so fragile. But then a dear friend of mine reminded me that it’s natural to feel a bit low when you have been through a trauma and the body and mind are completely exhausted. Duh! I think we need those reminders from other people sometimes. 😊
In general, feeling tired doesn’t scare me nowadays. Instead, I’m being gentle with myself, giving myself time off. I used to feel such resistance to slowing down, as if I wasn’t worth anything if I wasn’t productive… My mindset has changed. And here’s a reminder to you too: you don’t have to be productive and “successful” to be loved!
As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on a couch in our house in Goa, wrapped up in a cosy blanket, drinking masala chai, the windows are open and the monsoon rains are pouring down outside… and I feel at peace. Leaning back and relaxing into the feeling of exhaustion – instead of resisting it.
I’m doing another course right now (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) about Perfectionism and People pleasing – but without any pressure on performing. No exams. Doing it because I want to – not because I HAVE to – and that’s also part of the process. Letting go of always trying to achieve something.
I just wanted to pop in here to remind you that rest is not a luxury. It’s a bridge between exhaustion and inspiration. So if you feel tired – be kind to yourself.
Photo by Jaidee, Ibiza