Registering your hours with Yoga Alliance: Yin Yoga Course


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Registering your course hours with Yoga Alliance 

The course hours count both as Level 2 (RYS-300) hours and YACEP hours. 
– but please note that the hours can’t be registered both as YACEP hours and RYS-hours – so if you’re gathering hours for a 500-registration with us, we recommend that you don’t register the hours as YACEP.
Option 1: Level 2
– If you want to save the hours to use them as part of our 300 hour course (level 2) course: no action required from your side. 
Option 2: YACEP
– If you do want to register the hours as YACEP hours, click on the link in the email that you received from Christina straight after the course. 
The course is also registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals, UK 
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 
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For more information,
see below

If you are registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK)

This course gives you 50 CPD hours.
You can record this course on your profile on Yoga Alliance Professionals using your certificate. This can be done by logging in and completing the Further Training box in the account details section. You can also reference your further training in the About Us section of your profile.

If you are registered with Yoga Alliance

You can register these hours either as:
Option 1) 50 hours as Level 2 hours (RYS 300) towards a RYT-500 registration
Option 2) 50 continuing education hours (YACEP) 

1) Level 2:
No action required.
Don’t upload the course certificate to the YA website: then it will count as YACEP-hours, not level 2 hours. When you have reached 300 hours you’ll get a RYT-300 certificate which you can register with Yoga Alliance. There are LOTS of courses to choose between if you’d like to continue on this exciting journey: see below for a list of courses that we offer in collaboration with The Shala, London.

1) Click on the YACEP link in the email that you have received. Please let us know if you can’t find it. 
The page will automatically show only upcoming courses – but you you’ll find previous courses by scrolling down on Jennie’s/Melanie’s profile until you find the orange button “more courses.

2) We’ll approve it, and you’ll get a confirmation email. Please let us know if you need any help.

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The course hours count both as Level 2 (RYS-300) hours and YACEP hours.