Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training


Online 9 - 10 Sept & 17 - 18 Oct 2023

If you prefer doing the course only on weekends, scroll down for options.

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You will receive:

We will cover

Theory and science behind the practice

  • Fascia
  • Meridians and the energy system
  • Updated research, the different aspects of yin yoga and how it is applicable to different body types and how personalities, and how movement patterns plays an important part.


We’ll look into the specific areas of the body in more detail, how they move and respond to the Yin poses.


Teaching the poses

Our focus is very much on teaching the practice in a way that is inclusive and safe for everyone making this a nurturing and healing practice, a way to connect and go deep inside; a way to truly relax and rejuvenate.For each pose we will cover:

  • How to teach yin yoga poses
  • How to use props
  • Modifications for each pose

Sequencing & class planning

  • Sequences for specific meridians, for specific yoga poses (eg for backbends, opening the hips, twists, forward bends), and a general all round class
  • How to plan a class, when and how much to talk, what to talk about and themes.

Contraindications and modifications

How to develop your classes for conditions such as pregnancy, injuries and hyper-mobility, making the practice accessible for individual bodies


You can sign up for just £200.
The remaining balance is due before the course starts – but if you need more time, just let us know and we’ll change the due date to a later date. We want to support you in this difficult time. 



Course material

Course Manual
As part of the course you get two full colour manuals included in the price: one on the theory and one giving details on the poses. We will send you the manuals as pdf:s  a couple of days before the course starts. Note!
Please don’t share the manuals with anyone. They are subject to copyright law. 

Hard Copy Manual
If you also want a printed copy of the manual, this is available at cost price including postage within the UK and Europe. 
Click here for more information.


We use the term Homework loosely here, there is a requirement of 18 hours of learning outside of the course, some will be written but mostly to establish a Yin Yoga Practice (students have said that this is their favourite ever homework!) and to read a book (you’ll get several options) and write down your thoughts and questions.


No exams
There won’t be any exams. Rather, we are interested in seeing that you have gained an understanding and knowledge that you can apply to each individual student depending on their needs.  This course is intended to spark your interest in embarking on or continuing this fascinating journey.


This course won’t be recorded
(Here’s why) 

….but if you miss sessions and want to catch up, you have two options:

1) You can wait until the next course and re-join us for free if it’s one day or less. If it’s more than one day you can join for an admin fee of £50.

2) …or you can buy access to our recorded video library and catch up straight away. Either two week access for just £25 or life time access for £50 




Melanie Cooper (UK) 
Read more about Melanie here 
Jennie Wadsten (Sweden/India) 
Read more about Jennie here 

Who can join?

We recommend that you have done a 200 hour teacher training (any style) but this is not mandatory! If you haven’t: no worries, just let us know and we will look into what other experiences you have and we’ll give you extra support during the course. 

The intention is to give you, as a teacher, more tools; to broaden your teaching skills as well as your target groups. Perhaps you have done a training in a dynamic yoga style and would like to add a slow style to your teaching menu as well – to be able to teach back to back classes at studios and retreats?


We (Melanie and Jennie) have worked together for over 10 years and have 45 years of teaching experience between us. What we keep coming back to is how important it is to be authentic, to find “your voice” as a teacher and to have the courage to be YOURSELF when you are teaching! Working as a yoga teacher is amazing – but it also takes a lot of energy – and can be very draining if you are not being your authentic self and looking after yourself. It’s so easy to not give ourselves that time/attention/self care – so in the training we will also put emphasis on how to create space for your own health and practice: to stay balanced and mentally strong.


The course is 4 days long in total and you can choose to either do all four days in one go, or do 2 days this spring and 2 days at a later date. Choose what works best for you. 

Module 1:
Saturday 9 Sept – Sunday 10 Sept  2023

Module 2: 
Tuesday 17 – Wednesday 18 Oct 2023


If you prefer doing the course only on weekends, here are two options:

Option 1:
Module 2: April 2023
Module 1: September 2023
(Yes, you can do them in the “wrong” order) 🙂 

Click here for the April dates. 


Option 2: 
Module 1: September 2023
Module 2: Spring 2024 (date TBA) 



9 am – 5.30 pm (UK)
10 am – 6.30 pm (Sweden)
…but we’ll have several breaks and yoga sessions, so you won’t be looking at screens all day. 🙂


Early bird price: £450 until 9 August 2023 

Regular price: £500 
Have you done a Yoga Nidra course with us? Then you’ll  get an additional £50 off!


The course fee is non-refundable – but we do know that sometimes things happen in life that you couldn’t predict, and if so: you won’t get money back BUT if you cancel 1 month before the course at the latest you can use it for other trainings/retreats/workshops with us – so you won’t lose your money!

Your space is not guaranteed until we have received a deposit. (You will get a confirmation letter as soon as your deposit has reached us.) 

Questions? Just send us email and we’re happy to help.