Workshops Sunday 19 May
At Yogashakti, Stockholm

10 – 13: Yin yoga adjustments workshop: Melanie, Jennie, Susanne 550 kr (450 kr)

14 – 16 Yin & Nidra donation class: Melanie, Jennie  pay what you want/can, minimum 150  kr

16.30 – 18.00 Pelvic floor workshop: Melanie 300 kr (200 kr)

18.30 – 19.30 Mandala drawing workshop: Melanie 300 kr (200 kr)
Early bird (in brackets) until 19 April 2019.

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10 – 13: Yin yoga assists workshop
With: Melanie Cooper, Jennie Wadsten and Susanne Viinanen

YACEP 3 hrs, Level 2 (RYS 300) 3 hrs.
Price: 550 kr (Early bird 450 kr until 19 April)

Yin yoga adjustments are… supportive, grounding, relaxing, nourishing and connecting. They are beautiful to give and to receive.

In the workshop we will go through details of

  • When to assist – including how to go about getting consent for touch.
  • How to modify the poses for different body types – including hyper-mobility
  • How to use touch appropriately
  • How to use props to make the poses safe
  • How to work with the breath
  • How to judge the appropriate strength of an assist
  • How to include meridian lines and acupressure points in your assists

14 – 16 Yin & Nidra donation class
With Melanie Cooper and Jennie Wadsten
Price: Pay what you can/want. Minimum 150 kr.

Warmly welcome to two hours of nurturing rest!
All levels welcome. No previous experience in Yin or Nidra required.
The first part of the class will be focusing on Yin yoga, followed by a 30 minutes long Yoga Nidra and we’ll end with a pranayama (breathing exercise).

Our intention with this class is to give you tools you can use in your everyday life too.

All the donations will go straight to the Project Ahsas in Bombay. Our fantastic friends Josefin Wikström and Sumeet Nagdev and their team are doing an amazing work with yoga and dance for underprivileged kids.

1 minute summary of the project:

If you can’t attend the workshop but would like to contribute: even very small amounts are welcome cause it means a lot in India!

Minimum donation 150 SEK. Mark it with “DONATION CLASS BOMBAY”

If you can’t attend the workshop but would like to contribute: even very small amounts are welcome! If so, mark your donation with: “DONATION BOMBAY”.

Swish: 070 649 99 92 (Jennie).

16.30 – 17.30 Pelvic floor workshop
With Melanie Cooper
YACEP 1 hr, Level 2 (RYS 300) 1 hr
300 kr (Early bird 200 kr until 19 April)


Ever thought of this?
– Should I engage the pelvic floor on an inhalation or exhalation? Why?
– Is it true that weak glutes can effect pelvic floor dysfunction?
– How do I teach pelvic floor exercises in class in a way that doesn´t feel embarrassing?
– Is a strong mula bandha equal to a Strong pelvic floor? (Spoiler alert: no)

This workshop aims to unravel some of the myths surrounding pelvic floor health as it relates to the yoga world especially.

Pelvic floor dysfunction will effect 80% of the population within their lifetime (yes that many!) And it’s hardly spoken about, let alone understood.

Some common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are
– Constipation
– Period pains
– Leaking wee when coughing or laughing

We will explore how to work with different problems and how they can affect the rest of the body and a person’s practice.

Especially useful to yoga teachers and exercise therapists but open to everyone – this is knowledge everyone should have!

The workshop will be down to earth and fun!

18 – 19 Mandala drawing workshop
With Melanie Cooper
300 kr (Early bird 200 kr until 19 April)

A Yantra is a Mandala with a geometrical design that can help us understand reality. In this workshop you will learn to draw your own Mandala using the principles of sacred geometry. We will draw, colour in, and meditate on the Mandalas. You will learn in an experiential way how the Mandalas relate to yoga philosophy as well as science and maths. We will look at different ideas of zero, infinity, fractals, the seed of life, six pointed stars and hexagons.

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