Yoga Nidra & Stress Part 1: the Brain

Thursday 30 July 6 – 8 pm (UK)

Dive into the fascinating world of Yoga Nidra and the brain!

Learn more so you can explain it to your students! 

  • What actually happens in the brain when we are stressed?
  • How can Yoga Nidra help us come back into balance?

Part 1 and 2:
In this workshop series we will look at neuroscience, neurotransmitters, brain waves, hypnogogia and different states of consciousness, 
all covered in a fun accessible way informed by the latest scientific studies

In part 3 we will look at the science of sleep and lucid dreaming.

Each workshop is independent: you don’t have to attend all of them and you can attend part 2 without having done part 1 etc. 

You will Receive

  • Upon completion you’ll get a Certificate for 2 continuing education hours (YACEP, Yoga Alliance
  • A workshop manual as a pdf 


Online (Zoom).
We are experienced in teaching online courses and making it easy, accessible and interactive.

For whom?

 Everybody who wants a better understanding of Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Teachers 
  • Yoga practitioners

    If you’ve already done the 3-day Yoga Nidra course: you can attend these workshops if you want a repetition of the theory sessions. 


September 2020: exact date TBA


£20 per workshop

If you’d like to sign up for the Nidra teacher training after this workshop to learn more, we’ll deduct the 20 GPB workshop fee from course price!  
Click here for upcoming dates. 

Course material

  • A Workshop Manual will be sent to you as a pdf 


Melanie and Jennie have worked together for almost 10 years (yoga teacher trainings and retreats in India and Europe) and have 25 + 20 years of experience from teaching yoga and teacher trainings full time.

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