Only £30 per session (30 minutes)

I’m here to support you

  • Are you a new teacher who would like support from a senior and experienced teacher – to make sure you’re not doing the same mistakes as most of us do when we start teaching, and to get help with getting started?
  • …or an experienced teacher who feels a bit “stuck” and wants more inspiration and motivation – and advice for how to take your yoga teaching and business further?
  • Do you need someone who supports you when you’re feeling frustrated?
  • Do you want to get help with how to handle situations such as “only three people came to my class today – I feel like a failure!” Or: “When someone looks bored or annoyed in class – I take it personally and too much of my attention goes towards that person! How can I handle that???”
  • Or are you feeling exhausted and need help with figuring out how to get a better balance between teaching and your own practice? Which jobs to focus more on – and which jobs to cut down on because they might actually take more energy than it gives?

I’ve been teaching full time for almost 20 years – guiding many, many yoga teachers over the years, all over the world – and I love seeing people glow! I think we need yoga more than ever: to stay balanced and calm in this stressful time we live in – and you as a yoga teacher MAKE A BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENCE in the world! There’s a lot of “competition” in the yoga world though – and you have to find your niche and to have the courage to be authentic in what you do.

Sessions available in person, through Skype, Zoom, What’s App, Facebook Messenger or ordinary phone calls.
Everything between us is stricly confidential.

With Love.


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30 minutes per session
 English or Swedish

£30 per session: UK & other countries
450 SEK incl VAT 25 % Sweden

To book: please send me an email and we’ll arrange a time that works for you.

Let us know if you have any questions and we’re happy to help. 
We’re really looking forwards to going on this journey together.